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Free printable bear colouring in picture of Joey Nutmeg

Free Printable Bear Colouring Page: Joey Nutmeg

Line drawing of a bear pushing a shopping cart in a grocery store. Working through a shopping list.

Category: Bears

Themes: Shops, Shopping

Joey Nutmeg: The Bear Chef of Sunnydale Market

In the charming town of Sunnydale Forest, there’s one bear who's known for his remarkable taste buds and extraordinary cooking skills - his name is Joey Nutmeg. Joey is a plump, jovial bear with twinkling eyes and a warm smile. His unique culinary abilities have made him a renowned figure among the forest inhabitants.

Joey’s weekly routine is full of culinary adventures, but his favourite day of the week is Tuesday - Market Day. Tuesday is when Joey ventures to the bustling Sunnydale Market to stock his pantry with fresh groceries. With a big shopping list stashed in his apron pocket and a huge, squeaky shopping cart, Joey begins his treasure quest through the vibrant market aisles.

Shopping for groceries is no mundane task for Joey. For him, picking the juiciest berries, the freshest fish and the crunchiest nuts is an art form which he practices with joy. His cart gradually fills up with colorful fruits, greens, grains, and an array of spices, particularly nutmeg, his signature ingredient which added the ‘magic’ to his dishes.

Contrary to most bears who preferred honey, Joey’s penchant for nutmeg was unparalleled. He loved it so much that his friends lovingly started calling him 'Joey Nutmeg.' Whether he's making soups, pies, or salads, Joey always adds a pinch of nutmeg, earning him appreciation and fascination from the forest folk.

And so, navigating through the market aisles with his shopping cart, Joey Nutmeg is more than a bear on a grocery run. He's both a maestro preparing for his next symphony and a devoted artist collecting colors for his canvas. As he ticks off the items on his list, Joey is, indeed, gathering much more - the promise of the delightful dishes that he will soon create.