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Privacy Policy

Last revised on 1st November 2023

Your privacy is important to us. We only use the information we collect about you carefully, lawfully and in accordance with the EU Data Protection Law.

IP Address, Browser & Device Information

We may collect this data to protect our website and associated businesses against illegal activities.

It may also be used for analytical purposes to improve our users experience & website.

We track visitors & transactions on our website. We do not collect any personally identifiable information and all data is anonymized. We identify IP address, browser, device, page URL & Geo-location to improve our web performance and identify bugs.

Systems to collect IP address, user agent, browser encoding, and browser language also allow us to identify non-human traffic from real user activity.

Browsing Behaviour

We may monitor your browsing activity to help us improve our website and customer experience. We use Cookies to remember the choices you have made whilst interacting with our website. For more information please see our Cookie Policy.

We may also track session identifiers to help us with analytics to evaluate multiple requests by a unique visitor within a single browsing session. We do not currently use cookies to track repeat visits over longer periods of time.

If you have browsed our website, we may also collect information about where you are on the internet e.g. the URL you came from and the way in which you navigate the site, Cookie ID, IP address.

Any data we do hold we will hold securely, taking appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard such data.

Subject Access Requests

You can request access to the personal information we hold about you at any time, we will not charge for this service, however we do have the right to ask you for more information to confirm your identity. Please contact us if you would like to make such a request providing us with any details that will help us identify the information we may hold on you.

We will aim to respond to a SAR within one month, however in some complex cases this can take up to two months.

In some instances we will refuse to disclose certain information, for example if we have a duty of confidentiality to another individual or if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive.

Right To Object

In certain circumstances (including where we use legitimate interests as set out above) you can ask us to stop processing your information or ask for us to limit the ways in which we process this information. We can refuse a request in some cases - we will provide you with information explaining why we have refused your request if we do this.

If you believe the information we hold on you to be incorrect you have the right to request us to update our information.

Customer Deletion Policy

You have the right to request your account and associated data to be deleted completely by us.

In order to delete or suppress your details please contact us

Our Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file that's stored on your computer by a website to remember certain information. Cookies can be used for many purposes, and some are essential to the way the website works.

Cookies cannot read information stored on the hard drive of your computer. They cannot be used to spread viruses and cannot access your email address. They will only transfer data which you have disclosed to the website.

To use the services fully at you'll need to have cookies enabled. You can disable your cookies at any time however the website may not function fully or correctly. To block all cookies, including the essential ones, use the Privacy setting on your browser’s Options menu. For further information about disabling cookies on your computer visit for a step by step guide on how to manage this.

Cookies for Essential Purposes

First party cookies allow us to temporarily remember the choices you have made whilst browsing the website such as the sort order of the listings. They may also help to display your previously viewed items so that you can find them again quickly and help us to remember the pictures you have selected to print later. We will place these cookies as part of our legitimate interest.

Below is a list of First party cookies and their function:

To help you identify the cookies we use and why please read our guide below:

Cookie Purpose
_s This is a session cookie that only exists during the time you are actively browsing the website and helps us remember the choices you have made during your visit.

Cookies for Functional and Marketing Purposes

We do not currently use cookies for marketing or functional purposes, other than those mentioned above. If our use of cookies for functional or marketing purposes changes, or if we start to use third party cookies, we will update this privacy policy and request your consent as required by the EU Data Protection Law.

By visiting with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies, this tells us that you want to use our website to browse and download colouring in pictures and that you consent to our use of session cookies for the legitimate interest reasons outlined above.